The Curious Sex Workers Guide to attending the 18th International AIDS Conference

The 18th International AIDS Conference, will take place in Vienna, Austria, from the 18th to the 23rd of July 2010. The International Network of Sex Work Projects has been working hard to ensure that sex workers are a strong presence at the conference as always. Sex workers will have a Networking Zone and several exhibition booths, some dedicated sessions, speakers, a pre-meeting, a rally and, as always, a party.

Cheryl Overs of PLRI is a member of the Community Porgramming Commitee and chair of the Global Village Working Group.  The Global Village which will be officially opened by the Mayor ot Vienna and Laxmi Narayan Tripathi of the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers.

The NSWP has produced this guide which provides lots of helprul information about attending the conference for sex workers and allies.

To contact the APNSW mail Faika or Veronica on "IAC NSWP Coordinator" <>,

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International Network of Sex Work Projects