peer education

Kenya Documentary: Sex Workers, Peer Education, and Social Change

In Mombassa, Kenya HIV prevalence for female sex workers is 31 % and condom use remains extremely low among women in Coast province. Commissioners visited a commercial sex worker drop-in center to learn about the most HIV-at-risk populations in Kenya and hear their stories. Commissioners heard from peer educators who use their knowledge of HIV prevention and family planning to counsel sex workers and others to encourage healthier behaviors.

The Social Conditions for Successful Peer Education: A Comparison of Two HIV Prevention Programs Run by Sex Workers in India and South Africa

An article by Cornish F & Campbell C in the American journal of community psychology, 44 (1-2). pp. 123-135. ISSN 0091-0562. Peer education is a community-based intervention being implemented worldwide as an approach to HIV prevention. However, its results are inconsistent, with little consensus on why some projects succeed while others fail.

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