Social-Environmental Factors and Protective Sexual Behavior Among Sex Workers: The Encontros Intervention in Brazil


Objectives. We sought to determine the association of social–environmental factors with condom use and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among 420 sex workers participating in an STI/HIV prevention study in Corumbá, Brazil, to inform future intervention efforts.

She's a professional like anyone else: social identity among Brazilian sex workers

Community mobilisation among sex workers is recognised as an important HIV/STI prevention strategy. However, factors such as poverty and stigma often negatively influence participation in activities that attempt to mobilise around a common identityof ‘sex workers’. A qualitative study was conducted to explore the relationship between social identity and participation among 24 sex workers enrolled in an HIV/STI prevention intervention research project with a community mobilisation component.

El Trabajo Sexual : La indústria del sexo en contexto

Spanish version of 2003 book 'Understanding Sex Work' by Cheryl Overs.

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