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Kenyan sex workers celebrate their rights

Kenyan sex workers, drawn from different cities, converged at Tononoka Social Hall in the Coastal town of Mombasa to celebrate the March 3rd International Sex Workers Rights Day. This day is celebrated since 2001 when over 25,000 sex workers gathered in India for a sex worker festival. It has been designated to highlight the human rights challenges, success and failures facing sex workers.

What Do Transgender Women’s Experiences Tell Us about Law? Towards an Understanding of Law as Legal Complex

Based on ethnographic study conducted in Istanbul, this thesis investigates the effects of law and legal operations on transgender women’s sex work and daily lives, and seeks to disentangle the multidimensional ways through which they and their conduct are governmentalized by law in Turkey. The first part of the thesis discusses the legal dynamics surrounding transgender sex work and delineates how transgender women are expulsed from regulated sex work by the interaction of the socially produced desire around their bodies and law.

Hungarian Court Rejects Mandatory Health Certificates for Sex Workers

Hungary's Constitutional Court has annulled a legal provision requiring sex workers to provide a doctor's certificate on the ground that it conflicts with article 17 of the 1950 New York Convention. The ruling is to come into force on December 31 this year.

PLRI links to Global News About Sex Work

 This is a selection of some of the links to information about sex work published in the last months of 2010 by PLRI. To keep up with news about sex work, human rights and law around the world follow PLRI on Twitter.  

Government Regulation of Sex and Sexuality

Criminalisation is but one of the tools employed by governments to regulate sex and sexuality. Other types of regulation can equally have an impact on health and wellbeing and thus merit consideration. While restrictive laws related to sexuality are often driven by moral argumentation, public health evidence and human rights norms highlight the need for supportive legal and policy environments. International legal commitments can serve as a check against national laws and policies which do not conform to international consensus.

US Goverment restrictions on funding realted to sex work

There is considerable confusion about the restrictions imposed by the US on HIV/AIDS funding related to sex work (called prostitution and sex trafficking by the USG) This document may help to clarify. 

Papua New Guinea considers sex work law reform

The minister for Community Development, Dame Carol Kidu, has asked the Law Review Commission to review the sex laws, with a possibility of prostitution and homosexuality being legalised.

The director of the Aids Council Secretariat, Wep Kanawi, says the current laws are archaic and stop sex workers from getting help.

PNG Cabinet endorses review on country’s sex laws

The Papua New Guinea (PNG) Cabinet has endorsed a review on existing laws governing prostitution and unnatural sex offences to be undertaken by the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission (CLRC). The policy submission, from Community Development Minister Dame Carol Kidu, went before the National Executive Council on 01 June.
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