Words from the Regional Coordinator of ASWA

“We are here! We are here as brothers and sisters, moms and dads, sons and daughters some of us even grandparents, but WE ARE HERE!” These were the words I spoke at the opening of the 1st African sex workers conference in Johannesburg 3 years ago and now I say them again, “WE ARE HERE!”

We are the African Sex Worker Alliance, from South African to Kenya to Nigeria, we are everywhere. Ready to be heard, seen and recognized.
ASWA has been natured and mothered, she has crawled, and taken baby steps, fell along the way but now she is ready to walk, run, talk and chew food. ASWA is now ready for a new dawn. ASWA’s main objective is to bring social justice to a community that has long been deprived of a face, a voice and status. ASWA seeks to fight oppression and other social injustices that have been inflicted upon the sex workers of this continent. We are determined to fight patriarchy and racism, class inequity and neo-colonialism that have encompassed our societies from generation to generation.


Daughtie Ogutu
Regional Coordinator
African Sex Workers Alliance Nov 2012.