Review of the Evidence Base for an “Evidence-Based” Policy on HIV Programming with Sex Workers

A literature review produced by Matt Greenall.

Programming with sex workers has long been recognised as an important aspect of tackling sexual transmission of HIV/AIDS. Reducing numbers of people in sex work is at the heart of the development by UNAIDS of a Guidance Note on HIV and Sex Work. A review of literature published in databases listing key peer-reviewed journals was conducted in order to establish the evidence base for the “Three Pillars” approach set out in the UNAIDS Guidance Note, paying particular attention to evidence for and consequences of efforts to reduce sex work. The study revealed very weak support for efforts to combat entry to sex work, reduce demand for sex work, and promote exit from sex work, with only a handful of research papers being discovered in each case, displaying inconsistent results. (adapted from author)

Year of publication: 
Greenall, M.