Migration & Mobility in the Context of HIV and Sex Work

This is a discussion paper prepared for the 1st Asia and the Pacific Regional Consultation on HIV and Sex Work, 12 – 15 October 2010 in Pattaya, Thailand. Among its recommendations are: 

1. Cross border and regional agreements should be developed that protect the rights of sex workers to access health and social services, irrespective of their legal status (as both sex workers and as migrants).

 2. Sex workers should be included in meaningful partnerships in relevant infrastructure development projects. Major development projects should include “sex worker impact studies” to obtain information when planning for associated infrastructure needs in target areas such as health services.

3. Governments should provide documentation that permits freedom of travel for sex workers, without identifying them as sex workers as that is unnecessary and would provide additional opportunities for stigmatisation. Discriminatory practices against women from developing countries applying for visas and work permits, especially migrant sex workers, should be stopped.

Year of publication: 
Thematic Task Team on Migration and Mobility in the Context of HIV and Sex Work