The International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society 2011 Conference: A summary of the content related to sex work

The theme of the conference was the multiple ways that equality and inequality are articulated through sexuality. The meeting explored diverse situations and issues of (in)equality with regard to sexuality in the global arena, bringing together researchers, advocates, policymakers and practitioners to critically share their strategies and challenges that inform and inspire new forms of action and thinking about sexuality.
There were many papers that covered issues of curiosity to sex work researchers – particularly in relation to the connections between sexuality and the economy. We are unable to highlight all of the papers that may be of interest from the 400 abstracts which were presented. However, we have pulled together all of those abstracts which mentioned the key words “sex work”, “prostitution” or “prostitute”.
Issues covered by the abstracts include:
  • The connections between international and national law related to sex work
  • Migration and mobility
  • Sexual and reproductive health and HIV
  • Empowerment and agency
  • National law, policy and regulatory frameworks 
  • Masculinities and gender
  • Media and cultural representations of sex work
Disclaimer: We do not recommend or agree with the methods or the findings presented in all of the abstracts included in this document.
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