The descriptive epidemiology of male sex workers in Pakistan: a biological and behavioural examination

In this study in Pakistan 3350 male and transgender sex workers were surveyed, of which 2694 were included in the study. The average age of respondents was 24.1 years (SD 6.3), and the average duration of sex work was 7.5 years (SD 5.9). Respondents averaged 30.9 (SD 2.7) paid receptive anal sex acts in the month prior to their interview, while 21.5% reported using a condom during their last occurrence of paid anal sex. Of those surveyed, HIV prevalence was 5.4 per 1000; notably, no HIV-positive respondents reported any injection drug use. Finally, intercity heterogeneity was observed on demographic, sex work and risk behaviour characteristics, with almost all characteristics differing at the p<0.01 level.

The study concludes that low levels of education, high volume of sex acts and suboptimal condom use makes for a potentially volatile situation. The authors claim that information provided by this study can play an important role in designing effective prevention programmes, 

Year of publication: 
Souradet Y Shaw, Faran Emmanuel, Alix Adrien, Merydth Holte-Mckenzie, Chris P Archibald, Paul Sandstrom, James F Blanchard