Creative space workshop for Wonetha members

WONETHA held a Creative Space Workshop for its members from 26th to 28th May 2010. The purpose of the workshop was to conduct learning sessions that are tailored for the needs of WONETHA Members who are sex workers, to enable them improve themselves, their interpersonal skills, self esteem, self development, and self awareness. The learning sessions tapped into the natural gifts and talents of the members through the use of learning methods that employed music, dance drama, art, poetry and story telling. This mode of training helped the members to talk about issues that affect them, e.g. the harassment they face, but also what they can do to confront this harassment. They also talked about their various roles as sex workers and the contributions they can make as full and equal citizens – to improving their community, such as taking care of their health, defending themselves in situations of danger, and aspiring to a code of ethics for their work. 

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