27 different frameworks of sex work law and still counting -

6 new frameworks have been published in 2011. Stand by for even more 'definitions' of decriminalisation and legalisation.

This document began as a folder for gathering information about definitions and ideas around law and sex work. As the folder grew I became increasingly aware that although some very good work exists, no agreed analysis or even common understandings of different legal terms and approaches has emerged. This means there is a lack a solid basis for discussions about the impact of legal frameworks and for planning changes that can reduce human rights abuses and HIV vulnerability among male, female and transgender sex workers.

It begins with perspectives on language, beginning with a comment from Carol Lee, who invented the term ‘sex worker’. It then lists 21 different frameworks and sets of terms for talking about sex work.

Ed: The final entry is a few paragraphs I wrote about sex work HIV and the law that might be useful.

Year of publication: 
Cheryl Overs