Five Steps Backward: How women become second-rate citizens of globalisation


If you are in the UK you can come and hear Laura Agustín, the author of Sex at the Margins and super-blogger, speak at the Institute of Development Studies in Sussex. 

Whether the subject is migration, surrogate motherhood, international matchmaking, tourism and expatriatism or plain old commercial sex, women are consistently assigned the passive role. They cannot make their own decisions, men pursue them relentlessly for evil ends and their sexual bodies are innately vulnerable. A Rescue Industry from the enlightened middle class is required to save women from themselves everywhere. How did we get here after 50 years of women’s liberation, affirmative action programmes and both state and UN policies to instate Gender Equality?

The session is open to all. Please ask at reception to be directed to the correct meeting room.

6 October 2011 - 1:00pm