Condom use during commercial sex among clients of Hijra sex workers in Karachi, Pakistan

Article in BMJ Open 2011;1, that describes the prevalence and predictors of condom use and sexual risk in the male clients of transgender (Hijra) sex workers in Karachi, Pakistan. 

Design Cross-sectional study.

Setting Karachi, Pakistan.

HIV-related risk behaviors among kathoey (male-to-female transgender) sex workers in Bangkok, Thailand.

Based on combined methods, this study investigated substance use and HIV risk behaviors among kathoey sex workers (KSWs) in Bangkok, Thailand. The study found that only half of the KSW participants reported having been tested for HIV, and that except for one participant, all others had not seen health care providers in the past 12 months. About one third of the participants reported having engaged in unprotected anal sex with customers in the past six months.

Transgender Health Handbook

This booklet provides information transgender health (including hormones, HIV and STIs, human rights and social well being). 

This essential reading on the subject was developed by transgenders who have formed a new network in Asia and the Pacific. 


Case history, transgender migrant sex worker, Kyrgyz Republic

A case study presented by Gulnara Kurmanova at the 24th Program Coordinating Board (UNAIDS) Meeting, Thematic Segment People on the Move, June 2009.

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