HIV Positive Sex Workers and Poverty

Abstract from the Int Conf AIDS. 2004 Jul 11-16; 15: abstract no. WePeC6224.

Issues: Female sex workers (FSWs) are considered to be one of the high-risk groups driving the epidemic of HIV/AIDS because of exposure to multiple partners and inconsistent use of condoms. Poverty has also been fingered as a twin problem militating against the effective prevention and impact mitigation of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria among this group. This study aimed at assessing the knowledge, attitude and practice of sex workers in relation to HIV/AIDS and poverty.

HIV-related risk perception among female sex workers in Nigeria

Background: Over one-third of sex workers in Nigeria are infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), yet there is a lack of understanding of sex workers’ own perception of sexual risk-taking. Applying the theory of cognitive dissonance, this paper examined the personal HIV risk perception of brothel-based sex workers.

Enhancing Withdrawal Cognition Through Client-Centred Approach in HIV/AIDS Pandemic Risk Reduction Among Commercial Sex Workers in Oyo State, Nigeria.

The study adopted client–centred approach to enhance withdrawal cognition in commercial sex workers in four Local Government Areas of Oyo State, Nigeria. Withdrawal Cognition Scale by Laim and Tabaka (1995) was used to elicit information from 160 sex workers in four randomly selected Local Government Areas of Oyo State, Nigeria. The purpose of the study was to control the spread of HIV/AIDS among sex workers who earn their living in the sex trade. The study also aims to give them knowledge and skills required to earn a living from less dangerous activities.

Sex Workers Protest in Lagos


Obviously sailing with the wind of change rocking the globe, sex workers at the weekend gathered for a protest and massive rally in Lagos to force the government to legitimise their age long profession practiced in secrecy.

The  sex workers who marched through the streets of Ikoyi with fanfare, brandished placards and banners with inscriptions such as "Sex workers have right, African Sex Workers Alliance," stormed the streets in their numbers demanding justice and recognition 

Sex Work and Research Ethics

STELLA is a Canadian sex worker group that has developed its own code of research ethics for clinical trials on new HIV-prevention and treatment technologies or sero-prevalence studies.

Sexual Abuse of Brothel-Based Female Sex Workers in Abuja, Nigeria

An article by Dagunduro Tolu A, Fawole Olufunmilayo I, and Makinde Olusesan A. in Sexuality in Africa Magazine, Vol 5, Issue 3, 2008.

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