Clients of sex workers in different regions of the world: Hard to count

An article by Carael M, Slaymaker E, Lyerla R and Sarkar S in Sexually Transmitted Infections, 2006; 82:iii26-iii33. This article explored the proportion of the male population in different regions who reported having unprotected sex with female sex workers as well as the number and characteristics of their other sexual partners.

Estimates of the number of female sex workers in different regions of the world

Article by Vandepitte J, Lyerla R, Dallabetta G,Crabbé F, Alary M, and Buvé A in Sex Transm Infect. 2006 June; 82(Suppl 3: iii18–iii25. This research attempted to estimate the number of women in the world that sell sex by collating information from published and unpublished literature, as well as from field investigators involved in research or interventions targeted at female sex workers. The proportion of women in adult female populations was calculated including by were extrapolating subnational estimates to national estimates.

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