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Will 5-year-plan accommodate sex workers?

This article in the Daily News Analysis on Bangalore explains how sex workers do not get pensions, have no identity or ration  cards and have to struggle for housing. Access to health services is also a problem “The first line of treatment is available but the second line is not so. Only a few are able to access this,” said Geetha, secretary of Karnataka Sex Workers’ Union, working in rural Bangalore.

Phuket Bars, Sex Workers Face Closer Scrutiny in Mass Check

Phuket Public Health officials joined about 150 police and local authorities in another crackdown on Patong bars and other venues on and around Soi Bangla last night. Bar staff and sex workers were required to produce documentation. Employees and staff were tested for drugs.

Inside Tauranga's sex industry, New Zealand


"The word illegal and legal makes a big difference."

This article describes conditions under 'decriminalised' sex work in New Zealand. It illustrates that there are still many constraints on sex workers and that not all sex work is legal.

In Tauranga you are allowed to offer commercial sex services from your house, provided you are the only person operating there.There are five registered brothels, compared with four in 2003. It is illegal to solicit sex on the street. Brothels must only open in areas permitted under council by law and a certificate of compliance and an operator certificate, is needed. You have to be 18 to be a sex worker or use their services. Condoms are a requirement and sex workers are advised to take other precautions; when necessary. Sexual health check-ups are recommended for prostitutes every three months.

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